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Alcohol tips for BBQ

The very concept of barbecue and this method of cooking meat originated in the southern states of the USA, from where it spread throughout the country, and then around the world.  Barbecue is a way of cooking food (it can be meat, fish, and vegetables) in the heat of embers, burning gas, or an electric heater; as well as the name of the dish itself.  Today it is also a popular party format.  It’s probably hard to find someone who doesn’t like barbecue.  Meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans will find delicious barbecue food for themselves.  As for drinks, there is a great variety here.

It would seem that choosing alcoholic drinks as an accompaniment to a barbecue is easy.  You will find a wide variety of drinks in any nearest liquor store.  Of course, you should focus on the tastes of the participants at the barbecue party, but it would not be superfluous to know some general rules.  Barbecue liquor is served to enhance the taste of fried foods.  Therefore, this is one of the main rules: the more specific the smell of the dish, the more aromatic the alcohol should be. Fatty foods require stronger alcohol.

White wines do not have as many aromas as red ones, so they go well with poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetables.  More intense red wines go well with more aromatic vegetables, beef, or turkey.  Cognac or whiskey will suit a juicy aromatic pork steak.  Beer is indispensable if you decide to grill sausages.  However, a light lager goes well with fatty pork, while a dark porter will accentuate all the lamb flavor notes.

When going to a liquor shop near me, keep these recommendations in mind.  In this case, the barbecue will be especially delicious, and the atmosphere of the party will be especially sincere.

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