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Choosing Expensive Alcohol as an Indicator of High Status

Productivity is often linked to the habit of giving up alcohol.  It is believed that a successful person should not drink any alcoholic beverages.  However, research by scientists shows that people with high incomes consume more alcohol, but suffer from its negative health effects less than people with lower living standards.  Is there a link between drinking alcohol and success?

In the modern world, alcoholic beverages are an integral part of the culture of the population.  Whether it is right or not, everyone decides for himself.  It depends both on the upbringing received in the family and on the state of health.  In any case, if you position yourself as a successful person, choose those drinks in the nearest 24 hour liquor store that are associated with success. Wine goes well with gourmet food and complements the taste sensations of different dishes.  Well-known world brands produce quality drinks from the best grape varieties.  The best place to drink wine is in a good restaurant.  Whiskey is associated with the high social status of a person, just like expensive cognac. And a person who knows how to speculate about shades of taste and degree of endurance will be known as a true connoisseur and intellectual. Although there are both cheaper and more expensive varieties among all these drinks, successful people definitely choose aged drinks, drinks with a history, elite brands in a liquor warehouse or store.

If it so happens that you participate in an event where alcoholic beverages are served, among other things, remember that the quality of the selected alcohol is important both for your health and for the impression you make on others. Always strive for the best and drink “elite” alcoholic drinks, even if the price is quite high.  It is always best to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink in favor of quality.


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