stressed person
Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

Does Alcohol Relieve Stress

Stress is the mobilization of all body systems to change life circumstances.  It is difficult for the body to be in such a state for a long time.  There are many different methods for relieving stress: yoga, relaxing massage, music, sleep, and conversations with friends … There is an individual way to relax for each person.  Can alcohol be used for these purposes?

Different alcoholic beverages can affect a person’s emotions in different ways.  Some of them allow a person to feel relaxed, while others, on the contrary, arouse aggression or otherwise affect mood in some way.  Therefore, it cannot be said unequivocally that visiting the alcohol store is a mandatory component of stress relief. Of course, the effect of alcohol on the body is not the same for every person.  But it should be noted that in most cases, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages does not cause irreparable harm to the body.  Be aware that lighter drinks like wine have a more relaxing effect, while stronger drinks like whiskey, on the contrary, excite.  Drinking alcohol in small amounts during friendly meals or business lunches and dinners, a person feels more confident.  The ability to speculate about the characteristics of expensive wine, compare bourbon and scotch can make you a more interesting conversationalist.  Learn the intricacies of drinking expensive drinks, traditions of different countries, the correspondence of one or another type of alcohol to different dishes … You will see that people listen to you with interest, and visiting a liquor shop becomes akin to an interesting journey.  Eventually, you’ll find that you’re not drinking alcohol so much as learning and thinking about it, and that’s what helps you relax.

Moderate amounts, special cases, understanding the effect of alcohol on your body are all necessary conditions for the relaxing effect of an alcoholic drink to benefit, not harm your health.