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English Wine

Do not hesitate when picking up English wine from the phoenix liquor store, it is of very good quality! Wines in England could and can be done very well.

The success story began with Nyetimber, and the farm was founded by the Americans. They proved that on the chalk soils of England it is possible to make sparkling champagne classics. Both media and commercial success awaited them. The French did not stand aside – the houses of Taittinger and Vranken Pommery have invested in English lands and planted vineyards. Even the English queen got involved, especially for whom Windsor Vineyard wine from her local domains is made in Sussex. They are run by Prince Charles, so we have every reason to expect the first wine king.

Prominent wine faces were also involved. Stephen Spurier, the instigator of the Paris court, founded the Bride Valley in Dorset. In 2008, Christian Scilly, CEO of Axa Millesimes (Pichon Baron in Bordeaux, Quinta do Noval in Douro and others), together with banker Nicholas Coates, started Coates & Seely in Hampshire. Their wine is still the only English wine on the George V card in Paris.

Wine is a great excuse to travel. A bottle of good wine can be brought as a souvenir to loved ones. And for people who understand wine, tasting and production history are a whole separate world. Where to buy wine? Grab a delicious gift at the best liquor store phoenix.

The British took seriously the potential of their own lands, and organized an exploration of the potential great terroirs. The formula is something like this: height up to 100 meters (ideal 52.5 m), hills of 5-10% slope facing south, good drainage, and so on. So the British have much to strive for and where to grow. In total, 33,700 hectares of suitable land were counted.