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Kitchen Arrangement and Other Options for Storing Wine

It is not always possible to have a liquor near me and go there for a bottle of your favorite wine. That is why many people equip their home so that there is a place in it for their own winery. Nowadays, an extremely popular and widespread idea of ​​apartment decoration is the use of racks and cabinets for storing bottles in the kitchen area. Many homeowners enjoy tasting wines or simply using them to make a difference. The set with laconic square niches in the decoration of the kitchen area, kept in snow-white colors, looks harmonious and interesting.

Wine cellars look extremely interesting and aesthetically pleasing in any house or apartment. However, nowadays we can use a lot of ideas for arranging original bottle cabinets without including the basement in the design of an unusual house or cottage. You can pick up a miniature model in the store with a width of no more than 20 centimeters and use it to store drinks that require a low temperature.

For example, you can add a functional shelving unit with geometric X-shaped shelves next to an island or bar. This headset shape is great for arranging wine and other containers with alcoholic beverages like in wine store near me.

Incorporate original wooden shelving with square niches into your island design. This piece of furniture fits perfectly into any corner of the furniture and will be in perfect harmony with the style of the room, not only modern, but also classic.

Complete the dividers with burlap wallpaper and original bottle holders. The walnut cornice can be used as a glass holder during tasting, and the illumination system can be used with charming brass sconces.

You can also use the free area under the steps not only to organize your wardrobe, but also to equip your wine cabinet.

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