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Something else about Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a relative concept.  Each person has his or her own metabolism, weight, individual characteristics.  Therefore, a diet that suits one person may be useless and even harmful for another.  However, there are basic principles, general guidelines.  For example, anyone understands that the calories you consume should be consistent with the lifestyle you are leading.  Food should be varied so that the body receives all the necessary substances.  But opinions differ about alcohol in a healthy diet.

Of course, if we are talking about diseases that are incompatible with alcohol, the answer is obvious.  But for a healthy person, a small amount of wine or beer is not so terrible.  Of course, nobody is talking about the regular use of alcoholic beverages.  You should also take into account the individual characteristics of health.  It is also noted that it is best to pay attention to those drinks that are traditional for the area when visiting the liquor store Glendale.  Talking about indigenous people, for the Irish, for example, whiskey will be healthier, for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean it will be wine.  Residents of regions where beer or cider is traditionally made are advised to choose these particular drinks in the liquor store. Of course, this is not a law, no one cancels individual preferences.  There are also drinks that are associated with a specific event or situation.  For example, a glass of champagne has already become a tradition when celebrating the New Year, and scotch is associated with respectable businessmen.

In any case, in the absence of medical contraindications, you can drink a little alcohol.  The main thing is not to do it regularly, do not drink large portions, and accompany alcohol with food.  In this case, you can safely follow the traditions and not violate the principles of healthy eating.


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