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What to Drink in Peru to Feel Like a Peruvian

Peru, homeland to the oldest civilization of the Incas, is a powerful magnet for tourists from all over the world.  Peru is an invaluable find for both inquisitive exploratory minds and adventure seekers.  But no trip will give you the full country experience if you don’t taste the local cuisine.

The local cuisine, formed by the fusion of Spanish and Andean cultures, is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most diverse in the world.  Local residents are extremely sensitive to culinary issues. Peruvians also appreciate a variety of alcoholic beverages.  What should you choose at the 24 hour liquor store near me to get into the spirit of this South American country?

Alcoholic drinks in Peru are represented by quality beer, most often dark.  There are also local varieties of corn beer with fruits.  This country is also famous for its excellent wines, and you can buy a very good drink at the nearest liquor store near me at the most affordable price.  As for the spirits, like their North American neighbors, Peruvians love excellent whiskey.  Rum is also appreciated.  Both whiskey and rum are not only imported but also produced in Peru.

Peru also has alcoholic beverages that are unique to this country and have a rich history.  For example, this is pisco.  Pisco is a product of the distillation of grapes, that is, brandy, with a strength of 35-43 degrees. Peruvians rarely drink it pure.  It is usually found in cocktails.  The importance of pisco in Peru is so high that this drink even has its own day. Chicha de jora is one of the ritual Peruvian drinks.  It is prepared on the basis of corn by fermentation.

If you ever find yourself in this distant and mysterious country, do not pass by and be sure to try the traditional drinks of Peru.

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