texas city
Photo by Carlos Alfonso on Unsplash

What to Try in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States and certainly one of the most distinctive.  This is the only state that was accepted in the United States as an equal member of the union.  Also, only Texas is allowed to raise its “Lone Star flag,” along with the US national flag.  When the state of Texas is mentioned, most will immediately think of cowboys.  This is not surprising: Texas has always been the top state in terms of cattle, as well as farms and ranches.

Texas cuisine is often referred to as “tex-mex” because of its mixed American and Mexican culinary traditions.  The variety of food ranges from simple fast food to spicy Spanish or Mexican dishes.

As for wine and spirits near me, then this side of life in Texas is well represented.  Texas is one of the top bourbon producers in the United States.  Thanks to the Texas climate, the whiskey takes more flavor and color from the oak.  Texas also makes its own single-malt whiskeys.  Hill Country is known to all wine lovers.  The hilly fields of this part of Texas near Austin and San Antonio are great for growing grapes.  Every year there are more and more wineries, and more and more tourists come there for tastings. There are many wine tours available: mini-buses and limousines, in groups large and small, as well as romantic trips for two. Witherspoon Distillery is known for both Texas bourbon and a variety of rums.  Deep Eddy flavored vodkas can be found in cocktails at almost any bar in Central Texas. In general, residents and visitors of Texas can always try local alcohol and buy their favorite drinks at the liquor store near me now.

Colorful Texas is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, history connoisseurs, and those who want to try unusual dishes and drinks.