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Where is East Gippsland?

Where is East Gippsland located?

East Gippsland is one of Victoria’s largest regions, situated in the eastern part of the state. It boasts Australia’s largest inland lakes, a coastal landscape with a temperate climate, numerous National Parks and stunning natural and cultural landmarks that make this region so renowned.

East Gippsland had a population of 46,818 in 2018. This shire includes the cities of Bairnsdale, Benambra, Bruthen, Buchan, Ensay, Lakes Entrance, Mallacoota and Metung as well as Paynesville, Swan Reach and Swifts Creek.

Factors Affecting East Gippsland’s Economic Environment

East Gippsland’s economy relies heavily on natural resources and commodities. Its key industry sectors include agriculture, forestry, fishing and coal mining as well as dairy and pastoral activities. Furthermore, there are a few service industries such as tourism, engineering, finance health care and education.

What local government services is provided by Shire of East Gippsland?

Shire of East Gippsland provides governance and leadership to its community through advocacy, decision making and action. Its elected members and staff work within a framework of systems and processes that guarantee they abide by the Local Government Act 1989 as well as good business practice.

What are the average weekly household incomes in East Gippsland?

On Census Day, people aged 15 years or over reported a median personal income of $506. Of employed individuals, 1.0% used public transport (train, bus, ferry, tram/light rail) as their primary mode of travel to work while 71.0% relied on private vehicles – either as either driver or passenger – for either purpose.

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