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Which Came First: Wine or Beer

Scientists cannot say for sure which drink appeared earlier – wine or beer. It is assumed that beer is still an older product, although many researchers are trying to prove the opposite. Have you thought about this when buying wine at wine and spirits near me? We can say for sure that both of these alcoholic drinks are very ancient, they appeared during the existence of ancient civilizations.

Beer is called one of the oldest drinks in the world, according to many scientists, it is an older product than wine. Presumably, the history of this foamy drink began in the early Neolithic era, at the time when people began to grow crops. Researchers suggest that cereals began to be cultivated not for baking bread, but for making beer – a nutritious, tasty and refreshing drink. Thus, it is believed that beer originated as early as 9500 BC, but there is no exact confirmation of this.

In the Neolithic era, along with the cultivation of cereals, people also studied the art of cultivating grapes, so wine can compete with beer for the title of the oldest drink. Remember this while sipping a wonderful drink from the liquor store near me now. Many researchers argue that it was easier for ancient people to discover the secrets of winemaking, because wine from juice is obtained by itself, with the help of substances contained on the surface of berries, while beer must be specially brewed in a certain way.

Both drinks are known for almost as long as the history of modern man. Perhaps, over time, scientists will receive more accurate information about which drink appeared earlier – beer or wine. However, we hardly ever know who was the first person to come up with a beer recipe or make wine.

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