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Wine Style Wedding

Looking for something non-trivial and memorable for a wedding celebration concept? Wine theme and color scheme in deep burgundy shades are elegance, aristocracy, eternal values, a guarantee of unforgettable impressions and vivid memories. Having gained popularity in America and European countries, wine weddings are gradually winning over our newlyweds, who know how to appreciate the beautiful and the unusual.

To decorate a wine wedding, shades of burgundy and marsala are suitable, as well as berry tones – cherry, grape, blackberry. They can be diluted with the color of wine corks, grape vines and barrels – beige and brown. Bright accents harmonize perfectly with white, which will allow the bride to create a unique wedding look. Be sure to purchase a bottle of your favorite wine from the nearest liquor store to delight your guests with delicious taste.

Wine wedding is the perfect solution for fall and winter. In the first case, nature will add bright colors in harmony with the celebration, and in the second, it will be possible to play in contrast.

If the holiday is planned during the warm season, it is best to spend it outdoors among the vineyards. In the absence of such an opportunity, a country cottage with gazebos entwined with grapes, cozy wine cellars and restaurants, or liquor shop near me decorated in the appropriate theme will do.

Wine wedding decoration is a boundless scope for creativity. Bottles, barrels, vines, bunches of grapes, corks, boxes will be excellent materials for creating a unique decor, an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Invitations, programs and seating cards for a wine wedding are made based on the selected color scheme. As a basis, you can take a label from a wine bottle, a map of a wine-making region, or use a single-color cardboard of the color of wine or textured one that imitates a cork tree.

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