agave the main part of exotic wine
Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Would you Like to Taste Strange Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks have been known to people since ancient times.  Of course, the abuse of any strong drinks is harmful to health, but it is difficult to find an adult who has never tried this or that alcoholic drink.  If there are no absolute medical contraindications, then a small dose of alcohol may be appropriate.

When you visit the liquor store near my location, you are wondering which drink to buy.  Indeed, the selection of alcoholic drinks is huge.  Perhaps everyone will find something of their own among the whole variety of varieties of beer, wine, gin, whiskey … But if you want to try something completely unfamiliar, then here are some of the most unusual, exotic drinks.

Snake wine is found primarily in Asia and is prepared by dipping a whole snake into rice wine.  This drink is believed to have medicinal properties. Pulque is a traditional Mexican drink that has been produced for over a thousand years.  It is made from fermented agave juice.  Even if today its popularity has slightly decreased, there are always lovers to join the ancient culture of the Aztecs. Modern manufacturers are also able to surprise.  For a real sweet tooth, strong beer with chocolate donut flavor and whiskey with cookie and cream flavor have been created. There is also anty gin, made with formic acid, or blue wine, colored using natural ingredients found in grape skins and indigo dyes. Maybe you will be attracted by vodka with gold leaf or gin with silver flakes?

Everyone decides for himself what is closer to him: classic whiskey or unusual sweet whiskey.  Do you want to try an old drink, tested by many generations, or an unusual creation of modern winemakers?  Or maybe both, depending on the situation?  In any case, a wealth of choice is great.  Try, study, choose.


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